Creative online earning

Do you think you are creative? Can Something Beautiful? If you get chance, then fight? How many do you think?
Secondly, you know that you are able to speak or write on any subject matter, you can give a good comment on technical, social or film, God gave this power to everyone,

Today’s first topic of our session is Creative Online Earning through Creative Writing.

Internet search engine and system do not pay attention to duplicate content, because every website, blog, news paper or portal requires creative writers, creative writing can be used in two ways,

1) For your own blog, site,

2) By writing on the topic given by another,

At present our country earns a minimum of Rs 2500 / – for writing 250 words.

A third way is to write a review or comment from a movie, play, app, item or function, the text runs in 50 or 100 words, but it requires different log-in to post. The posting company pays the remuneration for it.

If you have a lot of accounts of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, it is a positive thing for you. has got a recurrence for that. Or maybe direct contacting a company or film producer.

Currently, many people have to earn good by writing a review or comment in a mobile or play store app.

If you have your own site or blog as mentioned earlier, you can earn by typing in it. For this, after getting traffic in the site, you will have to get Google adsense to tell Google to place an advertisement on your site or blog, besides you can earn an affiliate ad.

Friends, today’s days are earning by you even if you are half-qualified.

You will know anything about anything. It may have been found by studying that knowledge, from home or from society.

Site like needs a master of any subject. Do you know the washing machine TVs or mechanical labels or hydraulic problems? You will pay some amount to each solution after deciding your level, and that too in dollars!

Let’s not do it, but can you teach / teach on other topics in General Word, Excel, Word Press, PHP or standard 10, 12, college or other subject? So udemy or site like linda provides you platform for it.

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