Four ways to start own online marketing.

You are on e-commerce, B2B or any other portal for the development of your business, but have a special idea that there is no miracle. The portal will say, but your intelligent planning and smart promotion for online business will benefit you a long time. Planning ahead of funds in online business is very important.Depending on your business category, you first need to decide where to spend the fund this year.
There are four main ways for online business:
1. Through your own website,
2. Through the B2B Portal and its sub domains,
3. Through the portal for promotion,
4. Through e-commerce site
Promotion of your website will surely benefit from permanent and long term. Promotion of the Website is a type of invitation to invite the pack of roses to inform people after you start the showroom. The site does not have any purpose if you do not know the information about your website by promotions after creating the website. The promotion of the website can be done in two ways, a) by Google Edward and b) posting links to other places
When we search something on Google, the right side, as well as the two-three results that come in the beginning and end of the page, is a paid promotion by Google Edward. Another way to tell you a social portal like Facebook, email, and other places is another way. This kind of activity will be productive inquiries at a slow but steady pace. If you need immediate product related inquiries and buyers, then you need to be a Paid member of B2B site. B2B is an online mall. Where you can display your item to sell. Being a member of Indian Portal like IndiaMart, Treadindia will get Domestic Inquiry if you are interested in export only, ALIBABA, MFG.COM is the best for you. Before joining Alibaba, your portfolio should be best because you have to wind up with China’s supplier. Preparation should be made that whenever a buyer asks for online details, you can immediately reply it satisfactorily through text, photos, video or presentation.
One particular thing, the B2B website does not promote your personal company website but promote your product only.
The third way to get an index to rank quickly on Google is to join the navigator and push up your keyword. Nowfloat is a portal with auto SEO. In which case you get Google’s keyword to write about your product, service or company as an update daily. So, in a short time the update will be included in the Google engine. So, when the buyer searches the product on Google, it appears in the form of an updated link provided
The direct way of doing business without any headcount is to create space and purchasers in e-commerce portal like e-commerce websites, Flipkart, eBay, Amazon etc. Just make your paid profile, display the product, continue the order. Payment is deposited in your bank account for approximately 15-20 days after the sale of the product is discontinued.
Next, we will share Idea with B2B, Ecommerce, Web promotion, Portal, why do so? What to do? The answers to each of his questions will be answered here, your comment, suggestion, query is welcome.